Why use StructHub?

  • Create instructions faster
  • Translate languages seamlessly
  • Analytics on customer understanding
  • Reach your customer base with a single click
  • Increased product registrations
  • … and tons of other things

How it works

  1. Replace paper instructions & manuals with a mobile platform
  2. Optimize content to eliminate confusion (and overhead)
  3. Reach out to customer base to ensure customer satisfaction
  4. Tell users about products related to their existing purchases!

What's in the box?

Welcome Card

A welcome card with a QR code. Waste not.

What exactly is StructHub?

StructHub is a platform allowing companies to communicate directly with their customer base. The ease of use of the StructHub mobile platform increases customer engagement with product materials such as instructions and user manuals. Companies can also expect streamlined product registrations, rebates, and warranty processes. No more calls, mail in rebates, last minute prints or mailing out lost instructions.

By having the ability to update product info using robust analytics, companies can fluidly respond to customer concerns—eliminating overhead such as customer service and fulfillment duties. Unlike paper materials, StructHub also provides support for people with disabilities, allowing them to use products with greater ease. And of course, StructHub is determined to save the world's trees by eliminating the paper waste created by discarding product materials.

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