Paper is pathetic

Found a typo in your manual right after printing 20,000 of them? Realized you missed an important step in your assembly guide? Normally that'd be a disaster, especially if you've already shipped your products.

With StructHub, you can update your manual at a moment's notice and get the new content to your customers instantly.

No one registers products

Registering products is usually a hassle. With StructHub, customers register their products automatically, just by viewing the manual the first time. Details about the product registration are sent back to you instantly.

Regular maintenance is hard to remember

Do your customers always forget to maintain their product? StructHub can remind them when it’s time to change that filter, replace that belt, or anything else your product needs to stay working its best.

Contacting customers is difficult

Reaching customers used to take forever. StructHub lets you reach customers directly. Reach out to specific customers, or instantly contact everyone who’s ever bought your product. With StructHub, you can easily gather feedback, handle support requests, and even recall products if needed.

Packaging is expensive

A simpler experience for your customers lets you simplify your packaging.

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