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Fluid knowledge sharing

What you can do with StructHub

Document processes.

Write documentation for your product, workflow, or anything! Follow a simple step-by-step flow to make communicating complex processes easy.

Share with anyone.

Instantly send your instructions to anyone, via e-mail, Slack, your website, or even a mobile app.

Keep leads engaged.

In a content-driven world, sharing compelling content is critical. Your instructions will look professional and provide an easy way for leads to reach you.

Create content quickly.

Use a simple easy-to-use editor to create and update your instructions without unneeded complexity.

Powerful documentation

Make your documentation powerful with fast creation tools and intuitive updating. Write step-by-step instructions, or free-form manuals. Fluid sharing makes information more accessible and presentable. Share your instructions through Slack, e-mail, or the web.

Keep the conversation going

Providing succinct documentation on how to use your product keeps your leads engaged, and your product at the forefront. Sharing instructions at a “how to” meeting or “lunch ‘n’ learn” is fast and simple. Make changes in real time as processes need to be adapted to new situations. Add your contact info to the footer so your leads always know how to reach you.

More professional. Less time.

Create professional instructions on the fly, using a simple but powerful editor. Include video, images, and GIFs to help illustrate your steps. Quickly share instructions with anyone via email, your website, or even a mobile app.

Usage Analytics

Get the scoop on who's using instructions and how to make them better. Know when leads are engaging with your content so you can reach out. After leaving a lasting impression, you'll have a better understanding of your user's journey and how effective your content is.
We’ve been implementing loads of little tweaks and suggestions from our customers across the assembly instructions. Every day it gets stronger. Can’t say that for paper/pdf manuals can you?!
Jack Chalkley
Co-Founder, Analog Motion
Coming together nicely, your instructions are brilliantly done, really, even a half-wit like me is finding it really satisfying.
Satisfied Consumer
February 11th, 2019